Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Yesterday was valentine's day.

Dear Diary, Yesterday was Valentine's Day.
I went on a date tonight, with my sometimes-flame, Ravioli, even though I'm sick with a cold. I don't care if it's rude, diary, because I have desires too and I deserve kissing!

Ravioli knocked at my door at 6 PM sharp, and gave me a weird hand made paper crown. No flowers, I guess.

He gave it to me and said "Because you're the queen of my world" or something so corny like that UGH!!

First, he took me to the Arcade at the movie theater. The second joystick was broke on the two player game so I just had to "watch the master".

So we went to the movie part to see "Four Weddings and a Salchicha" and I was SOOO BORED, Diary! I thought valentines day was supposed to be about kissing. The only good part of the movie was that the actor in it looked JUST like JJM <3 My teen idol.

Then I had such a good idea. 

I just decided to pretend like was on a date with THE ONE, the ONLY Joshua Johnathan Mercier..... 

I liked it SO much better after that and I was having a REALLY good time. JoshJohn makes me want to KISS

Ravioli didn't seem to mind anyway.

Next we went to a fancy Bistro. Things were going great!

He was so handsome, wow. I thought about kissing the whole time we ate. 

Then it was time to take me home.

We stood there at my doorstep. I looked at JJM, Ravioli looked at me, it was so romantic. I could tell he wanted to kiss too. I thought about kissing all night and it was finally my chance to kiss my crush, Joshua. Johnathan. Mercier!!

And then we kissed like they do in the Disney movies, with OPEN FRENCH! I put my tongue on his, and I'm never going to wash my tongue again.

Ravioli: "Eat your heart out, Stamos!"

Shlerppp... ssluurppshh...shlerp...shlurp..mm....shlurp....


Episode 02 has been aired! Tune in!


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  1. OMG! Next sleep over, I want ALL the juicy details. I know you didn't write them all here because duh, Nana would see!