Sunday, March 26, 2017

Bath Salts

Dear Diary, 
You need to remind me to never do bath salts again. I was reading on AOL that they can make you go crazy and it's true! I went to Lursh and the lady said that I should try some bath salts, and they smelled so nice! She gave me a free sample and I put them in the tub and took a bath. After I was done I felt all crazy! I decided it was a good idea to go into people's houses when they weren't home and see what kinds of things I could find. 

 I tried to get into this chicken's house but the chickens were home, so I went inside the actual house instead.

There were so many plants, I would have been afraid of this house a long time ago, when I was still afraid of plants, but guess what diary, I wasn't afraid! 

I even found a lemon tree to be friends with. 

 This is a very safe neighborhood because everybody leaves doors and garages and windows open for me to get into.

I had a lot of snacks from my neighbors. Bath salts make you hungry!

I even found some applejuice to pour into the toilet. Wasteful!!

Someone had put this bowl of salchichas on the ground.... I think it was a trap.

 Sometimes I would hear a noise and I'd have to hide.

I found some good spots to hide in. I stayed in some of them for a long time just in case somebody came home.

Everyone had such nice families, I decided to look deeper into their lives.
 I went on their computers and found more secrets inside of them.

 I heard people coming down the road and ran as fast as I could away!

 It was a good night, diary. I found out secrets about myneighbors and I won't even tell anyone about them. Except for you, because you won't tell anyone, right diary?

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